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Good organizing is not about changing your personality, just your habits.


Decluttering is the act of making decisions about what to do about all your stuff. What can’t you live without and what can you get rid of? In theory this seems a simple process, but it can be a rather daunting one. Sometimes, it’s just hard to begin. Or, you may be one of those people that start the process of decluttering over and over again, but never get it quite done. It’s my job to help you start, make decisions about all your stuff, and complete your decluttering task. Give me a call and let’s begin. I promise you’ll feel so much better. It’s empowering!  


General Organzation

We all have busy lives, and it’s easy to become unorganized. It’s a bit of a slippery slope, if you become helplessly unorganized with all your stuff and where it all belongs, it’s easy to also get unorganized in your mind. An unorganized mind is a restless one. I can get you organized and teach you some ways to keep it that way. When our homes and personal spaces are organized, we have more energy and time for the things and people we cherish.

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Virtual Organizing

Through these crazy times of Covid-19, we’re all in our homes so much more! You have recognized that by decluttering and organizing you can make your home a more pleasant and enjoyable space for you and your family. But where to start? And how to stay on track? That’s where I come in. I can now zoom to you! We can arrange to have an initial zoom consultation to establish the parameters of your project. Following that, I will create for you a customized action plan and make sure you keep on track with subsequent zoom calls, checking in with you offering further helpful suggestions on how to reach your goals. Reach out to me today and let’s get going! Here’s a virtual high 5! Stay safe. 

Virtual Organizing


All the kids have finally moved out, and you’ve made the decision to sell the big family home and to move to a smaller one. But, first you’ve got to get rid of more than half your cherished (or not so cherished) belongings from the old place. It can be truly incredible all the stuff you’ve accumulated throughout the years! That’s where I come in. I can help you sift and sort, make decisions, and remove of all the things you no longer need. And we can do it in a jiffy, so you can get on to living your truly awesome new life in your new place.


Estate Clearing

As life's journey nears its tender conclusion, organizing your estate becomes a poignant task, one we approach with understanding and care. We respect the emotional weight of every cherished item, acknowledging the memories each holds. Our mission is to guide you through this transition, allowing you the time and space to make decisions at your pace. With expertise and compassion, we carefully sort and categorize every possession, handling the process seamlessly and efficiently. Our goal is to bring peace to your transition, simplifying the lives of both you and your loved ones. By entrusting us with your estate clearing needs, you gift your family the comfort of knowing your wishes are respected. Imagine stepping into your new phase unburdened, ready to embrace the next chapter. Let's commence this heartfelt journey together, creating a legacy of intentional decisions that honor your unique story.

Estate clearing


Pricing starts at $95/ hour.

Happy to work out adapted packages tailored to your needs and respectful of your budget.
Don’t wait too long to schedule some maintenance.

 Are you ready to get started?  

Contact me today so  we can chat about your organizing needs. 

Need a gift card for someone? I am now offering gift cards for general home organizing services. Perfect for a house warming gift, a growing family or a friend who already has everything! Contact me today to get yours. 

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Organization Services For Your Living Space

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