those friends, opened one of your cupboards, all of its contents might come flying out like a jack in a box as you stuffed everything in there, 10 minutes before they arrived. These are simple fixes, all we need to do is set a goal and make a plan.


Perhaps your need to be better organized is on a much larger scale. If so, that’s ok, you are not alone and the formula is still the same. All you need are 2 things: a goal and a plan. My job is to help you with these 2 initial steps and then we can fill in the gaps focusing on time and managing expectations later. If you can commit to a “deliberate decision”, I promise it will all come together for you and you will be able to live more freely and feel that sense of personal accomplishment. It is very empowering.



If you are still reading this, that’s great!.

It means you have already succeeded in your first “deliberate decision” to make some changes in your life. 

Perhaps you are seeking help for a friend, elderly relative or simply yourself, congratulations to you. You have taken the first step in seeking support. Many people are juggling complicated work / life schedules making it important to get help from someone who has a strategy and expertise. I am here for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s just your pantry or your closet that has you overwhelmed. It might be your whole house. The fact is, it is bothering you on some level. It is true you could fool your friends that you live in a neat and tidy house but you know that if one of

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