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Interior Design

Own Less

Live More


Feeling overwhelmed by all the clutter in your living space?

General Organization

Are you always looking for something but only finding the things you weren’t looking for?

Virtual Organizing

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves, and get busy organizing your space? 


Moving upwards and onwards but to a smaller space? 

Estate Clearing

Imagine stepping into your new phase unburdened and ready to embrace the next chapter.

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Located in Ladner, BC, and serving the Greater Vancouver Regional District and Surrounding Areas.


We have had the support of Jennifer’s services for several years. She is efficient with her work to the point where when left in a room with an agreed upon plan, she accomplishes the tasks in record time. Her work ethic is highly developed, and she genuinely wants to make a difference in helping create healthy homes. Jennifer has a creative side that inspires how she offers ideas for esthetically pleasing furniture layouts. She is always punctual, and is an efficient communicator. Her methodology in approaching an organizing project is gentle, respectful, and inquisitive. “What is the purpose of this room? What are the must-keeps.”  She honours sentimentality in objects, and shows consideration when we are exploring attachments we have to belongings. She does the heavy lifting of items, and keeps herself physically fit. She has brought order and kindness into our home with her skills and lovely character.

Cathy B.

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