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Meet Jen Wilson, founder of No.57 Coaching & Educational Consulting, she believes we all manifest our current reality. We can manifest a life wrought with difficult, negative experiences


We can manifest a life that is abundant, joyful, and easy.

It's all in how your mind works and she can help you figure that out for yourself.

Colleen Fish (aka Kid Sister) supports women to clear their to-do list. In her years working in construction, she has met so many homeowners that seem to have an ever growing list of small projects they just can't seem to get out from behind. That's where Kid Sister comes in. Colleen specializes in those small projects that other Contractors can't take on. She is your sigh of relief when you can get that shelf assembled and that faucet replaced and you didn't have to ask your retired neighbour or your brother-in-law, again... 

Josi Brajnovic, founder of WhiteRoom Cleaning prides herself on her professionalism. Each member on her team brings a different set of skills to the table, teammates are chosen carefully, diligently and without compromise. She is a strong believer that one should be able to enjoy their workday and make a living doing what they love and are exceptional at.  Creating long-term relationships with clients based on mutual understanding of standards and respect is her main focus.

Sandra Simas is the face behind Simas Interiors. She is a certified interior designer,  with a strong passion. Using her fluency in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, she creates the opportunity to connect with a vast audience. Sandra has traveled between Miami, Montreal, and Vancouver to build upon her skills and knowledge in interior design. These travels and connections have been her drive to grow professionally, and channel the inspiration into her design and with over nine years of experience, Sandra feels truly blessed to have others believe in her talents and incredibly fortunate to be doing what she loves!

For nearly five decades, B & B Mobile Services has been your go-to choice for professional, reliable, and experienced moving services. Whether you're transitioning from an apartment or a house, relocating locally or embarking on a long-distance move, B&B Mobile Services are here to serve you with the expertise, equipment, and packing supplies to cater to your every need.
They pride themselves on delivering the very best in professional service and personal care throughout your moving journey.

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It takes a team
to reach a dream

Meet Jen
Josi Brajnovic
Sandra Simas
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